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As a certified appraiser, Gary Warner is qualified to complete appraisals. In the case of settlement of an estate, a legal advisor usually requires a probate or proving of the will. This simply means a fair evaluation of the personal assets of the estate is needed. In the case of a bankruptcy, the appraisal would be an evaluation of assets for liquidation reasons. For insurance purposes, it would usually be an evaluation for replacement costs; and for a purchase, a fair market value.

Gary Warner - owner, auctioneer

Estate auctions are almost always held during a difficult period for the families and friends of the deceased person. The executor usually finds it fairly complicated and time consuming, and in most cases is attempting to do a job for which he or she has little or no experience or preparation.

A funeral director is a professional experienced in taking care of the practical aspects of the funeral and in providing comfort during the time of bereavement. A lawyer deals with the will and all other legal matters pertaining to the particular estate. When it comes time to dispose of the personal properties of the deceased person, the executor must find a fair and professional way of dealing with this difficult task too. One way is by turning to a qualified auctioneer.

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Gary and Bill Warner know and understand what is involved, and are sure executors would want to give the same care and consideration to this aspect of settling the estate. As the Warners conduct about one hundred estate auctions each year, they have not only considerable training but also a great deal of experience to offer executors. From packaging, to documentation for legal advisors, to final reports, everything can be handled professionally and efficiently through Warner's Auction Hall.

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At some time in many people's lives comes a decision to give up the family house and seek a retirement home. This can be a very traumatic time for anyone concerned. Gary Warner recommends that every senior give considerable thought to the disposition of personal possessions and that they not sell or give away anything they cherish until after the move. Too often people dispose of items hastily and later regret their action.

We suggest people think things out carefully and then decide. Gary has personally helped numerous seniors through their decisions and once that process has been completed, has then conducted the final marketing of the unneeded personal belongings.


In most cases a liquidation means a loss to someone. Gary and Bill Warner try to minimize the losses by maximizing the income from the assets remaining. Regardless of whether Warner's is contacted by the owner, the trustees, or a financial institution, the process still has the same goals. Maximize the income; minimize the balances outstanding.  sale preparations

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