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Warner's Auction Hall has a client list in excess of 14,000 in its computer system, and currently advertises in an area from Pickering in the west, Kingston in the east, and Lindsay and Bancroft in the north, and covering all communities in between. All sales will be posted on this web site, exposing them to the world at large along with email listings. Sign-up for our Auction Listings, to be delivered to your email.

Set-up and Viewing:  

Gary Warner - owner, auctioneer

Every article to be sold is professionally displayed in an attractive setting. Electrical products are plugged in and working, furniture is polished and glass and china are set on tables. Viewing times are scheduled prior to the sale to ensure that buyers have an opportunity to select the items in which they are interested.

the auction sale

If a customer requests his or her sale to be held at the auction hall, Warner's professional movers pack the belongings and transports them to the hall, using the company's own trucks, packing blankets, etc. (no U-Hauls, trailers, or open trucks). Warner's offers the same careful pick-up service for one article or for an entire truckload, wrapped for protection and fully insured.

moving van to transport auction items


Warner's carries large insurance policies on both trucks and premises to ensure customers' property is fully covered for everything from damage to loss, whether in transit or storage, or on the auction floor.


For the convenience of customers, Warner's has storage units, similar to mini-lock-ups, in the event that their belongings must be held for a time before sale. The articles can be moved and stored in a secure locker until such time as they can be sold.

Storage Units


Before items to be sold are moved, they must be packed properly to ensure against damage. Warner's Auction hall has a team of professional packers who use special packing crates for all customers or, for those having an auction on their own premises, can provide the labour to move the articles to the sale site.

Sale Dates:

Warner's offers flexibility for sale dates. Although auctions normally run every Thursday and Saturday year-round, if for some reason a customer prefers another day, everything possible is done to accommodate that request.

Summer Sales:

During the summer months Warner's operates with two auctioneers - one inside, one outside. Should the ladies want to buy linens and china and the men want to buy tools and machinery, they can be served at the same time.

The Sale:

Auctions are conducted in a timely manner and handlers show each article being sold, avoiding confusion. All items are described and any flaws are pointed out. This honesty creates trust and purchasers know exactly what they are buying.

precious finds at auction

Complete, concise, computer-generated reports are issued within minutes of the sale. gone are the days of hundreds of hastily scrawled pieces of paper recording the average household sale of 500 items. The computer even issues the cheques.

Our computer network is portable, so regardless of the sale location, Warner's simply moves the machine and it's business as usual. Within ten minutes of closing a sale, a complete report and cheque are produced.  client testimonials

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